Sacramento Hologram Truck
Sacramento Hologram On SUV
Sacramento Hologram Guy
Hologram Truck
Truck with Hologram Mount

Hologram Truck in Sacramento

Who is driving around Sacramento with a big domed screen in the back? - Chris Brown, Owner of America's Holograms

Is it a Google project? - Nope, but the driver is a Google Guide!

Is it a futuristic gumball machine? - It is not

Is it an odd television? - Kind of... but not really.

Is it a projection? - No, it is not a projection

Is it a hologram? - Well, it's HYPERVSN

HYPERVSN is changing Digital Signage as we all know it. Christopher Brown has invented an accessory that allows for the units to be noninvasively mounted on almost every car, truck, or SUV.

If you happen to see Chris driving around town, feel free to flag him down to say, "Hi!"

He's more than happy to stop so that you can see HYPERVSN and The Double Dome up close.

Mystery Solved!

If you're interested in Renting or Purchasing this unit, call us at (916) 532-1533 or send an email to [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you,


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