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America’s Holograms is a visual display provider located in the heart of California’s Capitol. We specialize in visual spectacles that capture viewers imaginations and stain the memories forever. We are organized under Data Flow LLC and Paired with HYPERVSN and Alpha Architectural Signs & Lighting.

Our collaborative team has many facets of expertise in installation, design, and innovation. HYPERVSN, a leader in Holographic Technology, says this about our relationship: “We are thrilled that America’s Holograms has become our partner in the United States, bringing in a wealth of local expertise and professional approach. Together we will be able to accelerate the world’s transition to more meaningful and highly impactful visual technologies with HypervsnTM solution”.

The future of advertising is here. Some of the world’s most successful companies have already begun to utilize Hypervsn by Kino-mo. Coca Cola called on holographic technology to promote their new juice and soft drink line towards their audience in Russia. A set of Hypervsn 3D displays featured the drinks at an easily visible location. Within the 4-week campaign, results floored those who inspected the data.

“Hypervsn™ campaign for one type of juice and soft drink allowed to achieve a 23.7% increase in sales volume and 46.7% growth in turnover. The figures for the second juice and soft drink products were also impressive. Sales soared by 9.3% and turnover increased by 31.1%. Within the next four-week post-campaign period there was a significant decline in numbers with sales dropping by 18.8% and turnover by 35.9% on average. Overall, the data collected re-confirmed that the immersive shopping experience Hypervsn™ creates has full potential to become a game-changer”.

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Do not let the competition beat you to the punch. Contact America’s Holograms today and see the results of 3D advertising first hand. We can be contacted at [email protected] and (916) 532-1533.